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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Puppies

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         Reese's Story: Sent via text by Reese's mom Rebecca

     Lottie from Junipers litter;
   This message is long over due. In addition to being beautiful, sweet, intelligent and charming, Lottie has saved my autistic son's life six times. Without training, she tells me when he is to have a seizure, stops him when he self harms, alerts me when he is running away, leads me to him when he has gone miles away at 2 am, will fetch his clothes, lost shoes, and medicine, without being asked, and never leaves his side. Her devotion to him is only matched by his love for her. I cannot begin to thank you for the miracle she is. She is so pretty and delicate with an unimaginable strength, and for my son.....my poor son who is somewhere locked in his mind and failed body, she has been a savior and has given me my life back. Thank You!

Reese's Lottie